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Active Lives Canada

Enriching Lives Of Adults Beyond Disability

Active Lives Canada is a not-for-profit organization that provides adults 18 & older living with special needs access to a broad range of services in Ontario -Canada.  


Our Clinic provides a wide variety of physicians and therapists that focus on the special needs community.  Our clinical team collaborate with each other to provide exceptional diagnostics and therapeutic outcomes.

Day Program

Our Active Lives Day Program teaches people with exceptionality's skill sets related to life, job readiness, self help and leisure.

Respite Program

Our Active Lives Day Respite program provides opportunities for care givers to have personal time.  While you enjoy your break, your loved one will have the opportunity to socialize with peers while participating in a diversified set of activities.  

Girl in Wheelchair

Our Approach

There are many organizations designed to assist adults with a variety of special needs however they are lacking a multidisciplinary team approach that not only creates treatment plans but also has clinicians and therapists to follow through with those plans.  Active Lives will provide a place where therapies combined with continuing education and recreational skills can be carried out.

Active Lives believes that adulthood should be the beginning not the end of growth!

From the launch of Active Lives Canada respite program, the ultimate goal has been to provide residential respite. Since Covid 19, nearly every service provider in our sector has  reported having serious backlogs and waiting lists of families desperate for away from home respite services. While Active Lives Canada does  have interest slowly building for our in-home and community based respite program, after communicating with several different service providers it is evident that a more financially successful avenue to explore would be a residential respite home, providing overnight away from home services.

    New Respite Home   

Is Opening 




Our respite program is designed to provide the best possible care for your child and allow them to thrive in our residential environment. Respite care helps family caregivers restore balance in their lives. It allows caregivers to take the time to recover from the stresses of caregiving and gives them the flexibility to take care of other important aspects of their lives. Respite care is a necessary tool to support a caregiver's success. A residential home offers a short-term change in living arrangements and social contact. Residents typically stay in the home for one week to two months. After that, they return to their own homes.



Latest News & Events

  • March 2022 (clinician forum over zoom) - introducing clinicians to the Active Lives Organization 

  • April 2, 2022  Light it Up Blue (Mono mills electronic marquis will support Active lives and Autism Awareness Day. Mono Plaza spot lighted Blue by using projectors and other lights for Autism Awareness Month) 

  • April 2022 (physical zoom open house of the Horizon space) -Vision of spaces from clinicians

  • May 2022 Active Lives Online Parent Forum (parents from all over Ontario will login to a zoom platform to learn about Active lives and hear from our guest speaker)

Friendly Young Doctor

We Are Here To Listen 

Are you having trouble finding a doctor, speech pathologist, behaviorist, clinician to support your adult with special needs? Are you having trouble finding respite, leisure activities and/or post secondary educational day programs for your adult family member?  Active Lives is a “one stop shop” for all your needs, offering medical, therapeutic and a variety of group setting services.

Walk on the Beach

Looking To Make A Difference?

Are you a clinician tired of working on your own? Do you dream of a day where you can work with a multi facetted team to provide the best care for your clientele? Do you want to work with developmental GPs, psychiatrist, phlebotomist, physiotherapist, neurologist, speech pathologist, occupational therapist (OT) and more? If you answered yes to these questions, Active Lives is the place for you!

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